At  Elite Medical Supply, LLC. , we are committed to getting you your items as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Please note that to do this, we have to have a system. Please read the following, so you know what to expect, and can plan your orders accordingly.

Shipping Rates Standard ground shipping on all orders going to anywhere in the Continental United States.

Shipping Times

Rather than shipping items out of our own warehouse, Elite Medical Supply, LLC. ships them directly from our suppliers or the manufacturers, which saves a lot of time and ensures that you get your order faster.

Why Shipping Fees? Even though you’re giving us back an item that we can resell, the shipping itself is a service that the carrier (UPS, FedEx, or a freight company) has performed and can never get back. Even if an item had “Free Shipping”, that didn’t mean that for your particular item (and generally, “Free shipping” is for the larger items) it cost UPS nothing in gas or manpower to get it to its destination. It means that, out of loyalty to our customers, WE covered that shipping fee. So when a customer returns an item, the amount we paid still has to get deducted.

We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, or legal holidays.

In-Stock Items

Most items listed on our site are in stock, and will say this on the site. Most in-stock items go out almost immediately, and are shipped to your destination from the closest in-stock warehouse. Sometimes, an order of multiple items may be shipped piecemeal from more than one warehouse, based on stock and availability, and might show up at your door in more than one box, and even on different days. This will not affect shipping charges.

We do our best to provide you with accurate “Ships In” times, based on the information provided to us by our distributors. Note that these times represent the number of business days until they finish processing your order and put it on the truck. Also note that the times are estimates only, and are subject to change.

Once shipped, most orders are delivered, on average, in 1-3 business days. Some may take as long as 7 business days, depending on the location of the closest in-stock warehouse. Elite Medical Supply, LLC.

Elite Medical Supply, LLC. is not responsible for outside costs associated with shipping delays (like, for example, if your scooter didn’t come, and you had to hire someone to carry you around that day). If you have a time-sensitive situation, we recommend that you call us beforehand to arrange for Expedited Shipping.

Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping (in which we send your order with UPS via Next Day Air, Second Day Air, or 3 Day Select) is available for an additional fee. Costs for expedited shipping are based on the destination and point of origin, as well as the size and weight of your order.

Note that even Expedited Shipping orders will not be delivered on weekends and holidays. Special Saturday delivery can be arranged for additional cost, but must be specifically requested, and might not be available on some items.

To expedite shipping, place the order via phone with one of our sales representatives at 561-469-2090

NOTE: Expedited Shipping changes only the shipping method, and thus, the time it takes for your order to arrive once it has shipped. It does not change the amount of time it takes to process your order and get it on the truck. We get all the orders out as fast as we can regardless. Slipping us a little something extra, while appreciated, can do nothing to speed it up. If it’s not in stock, we still have to wait for it to come in.


Once in a while, even an item shown to be “in stock” can be presold, or there could be a sudden run on an item that we did not see coming.

If this happens, we will not keep it under our hats. You will get an email notification within one business day informing you of the situation and telling you when your order is currently expected to be delivered. At that point, you will have three options:


  1. Continue to wait for your item (We will send you an email as soon as it ships.)
  2. Change your order (We will not charge a restocking fee, and will offer product substitutes whenever possible.)
  3. Cancel the order and see if you can get it faster somewhere else (though we ship from the manufacturers themselves, so good luck with that). Items on backorder can be cancelled at any time before they actually ship. Once they ship, the order will proceed as normal.

If, in the end, we are unable to fill your order, you will be promptly refunded.

Please realize that it is the customer’s responsibility to check and respond to emails in a timely manner. If you delay your response, that might delay shipping. In addition, customers who choose not to provide us with a functioning email address will not receive these notifications.

(Also note that sometimes, notifications from online retail companies go into SPAM, so if you haven’t heard from us, make sure to check your SPAM folder.)

Order Tracking

We will usually send you a fulfillment email and tracking numbers within 24-48 hours of shipping your order.

Items may sometimes arrive at your door before you receive the tracking information.

That said, if you do not receive your tracking number within the specified time frame, don’t panic. As mentioned above, items ship from the manufacturers and suppliers, some of them almost immediately, and only once we are notified of this do we send you the email. So just because you haven’t received a tracking number yet doesn’t mean the item hasn’t shipped.

Elite Medical Supply, LLC. is committed to providing you with reliable, dependable service. Please contact us with any comments or questions, and we will try to address them in an efficient manner.