You need a prescription for the specific type of equipment you need as well as your most recent medical records, containing your demographic, Ht, Wt, and medicare ID, from your prescribing physician.

Your prescribing physician must also be a provider for medicare. Once you or your doctor has all of the appropriate paperwork, it can be faxed to 866-488-5553.

You can also use the Form 1490  to get a reimbursement from your Medicare provider.

In cases of eligibility, to secure reimbursement you will need to submit a doctor’s prescription for the item ordered; proof of delivery, such as a packing slip or shipping receipt; and, in some cases (for Medicare reimbursements), Form 1490.

Eligible products for reimbursement

Medicare eligibility requirements vary from product to product. Therefore, please read the guidelines below to determine whether your specific product qualifies for Medicare reimbursement. For other insurance providers, please contact the company directly to ascertain their policy for each item.

Hospital Beds

Hoyer Lifts





Lift Chairs

To qualify for a lift chair reimbursement, a patient must meet the following criteria:

  • Patient must suffer from major arthritis of the hip or knee, or from a severe neuromuscular disease.
  • Patient must be incapable of reaching a standing position on his/her own from a standard armchair in his/her home. (Please note: Medicare does not qualify a patient who has difficulty rising from an arm-less chair, particularly a low one, but could rise on his/her own from a raised chair or one with arms. The chair lift reimbursement covers only those who cannot rise at all from an arm chair.)
  • Once standing, the patient must have the ability to walk.

Note that, even in qualifying cases, Medicare covers only the seat-lift mechanism itself (typically up to $300, depending on the state). In addition, the patient’s attending physician for the condition under treatment must also be the prescribing physician for the chair lift.

Bathroom Safety Aids

Unfortunately, Medicare will not reimburse for most bathroom safety aids. However, patients that are unable to access their bathroom may qualify for bedside commode.