Responsive Respiratory E Cylinder – 15 LPM Regulator And Cart Kit comes with everything you required to take along anywhere you go. This Oxygen Cylinder comes full a  with plastic cylinder wrench and a standard post valve that fits snugly into the cart, which makes it easy to wheel around. The two legs with anti-slip feet ensure that the cart remains securely in the exact position while moving. This cart provides a height-adjustable handle that allows the user to keep it in the position where they need it.

Why choose Responsive Respiratory E Oxygen Cylinders?

  • Comfortable height-adjustable cart handle
  • Rolling wheeled cart provides ease in mobility
  • Oxygen Regulator balances the flow of oxygen level


Features of E Cylinder – 15 LPM Regulator and Cart Kit

  • Comes with full set-up kit with E cart, 15 LPM regulators
  • E aluminum cylinder with standard post valve
  • 15 LPM oxygen regulator
  • Plastic cylinder wrench with on/off markings and bungee
  • Single E cylinder cart with adjustable handle
  • Regulators flow range: 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 LPM


How to install and use the regular of Responsive Respiratory E Cylinder Oxygen Machine?

  1. Ensure the sealing washer is in place on the regulator inlet. NOTE: Use only 1 sealing washer at a time.
  2. Loosen T-Handle. Slip the yoke over the cylinder post and fi t the two guide pins into the holes on the cylinder valve.
  3. Turn the T-Handle clockwise until the screw point is seated into the dimple on the cylinder valve. Ensure the regulator is tightened securely onto the cylinder. Hand tighten only.
  4. Ensure large cylinder is secured upright in a stand or rack.
  5. Gently thread the large nut on the regulator onto the connection on the cylinder valve.
  6. Tighten the nut with a large cylinder wrench until snug.
  7. Attach oxygen supply tubing to the outlet connection(s).
  8. SLOWLY turn the cylinder valve on (counter-clockwise) one full turn until completely open. Turn fl ow setting knob clockwise until the prescribed setting shows in the window. Use as instructed.

Turning off regulator of E Cylinder Oxygen Therapy

  • When device is not in use, turn the regulator to the zero (0) “OFF” position. Close the cylinder valve (clockwise) until completely closed and then turn the regulator back on to relieve the built up pressure until the gauge reads zero (0). Turn the regulator to the zero (0) “OFF” position.

Removing the Regulator of Oxygen E Cylinder

  1. Turn the regulator to the zero (0) “OFF” position.
  2. Turn the cylinder valve off (clockwise) until completely closed. Turn the regulator back on to release the built up pressure and the gauge reads zero (0). Turn the regulator to zero (0) “OFF” position.
  3. Loosen the T-Handle or nut. Remove regulator.
  • Responsive Respiratory E Cylinder- Duration Chart Sheet
  • Warning
    1. Follow ANSI and CGA standard for Medical Gas Products, Flowmeters and Oxygen Handling.
    2. Prior any handling of regulator or valve, be sure hands are free of oil, greases, and other contaminants.
    3. Do not use oil, grease, tape, petroleum jellies, organic lubricants, paints or any other hydrocarbon based on near this oxygen regulator which can react and cause an explosion.
    4. Do not use near any type of flame or flammable/explosive substance, vapors or atmosphere.
    5. Do not smoke in an area where oxygen is being administrated.
    6. Do not direct the flow of oxygen at any person or flammable material when purging the cylinder.
    7. Do not attempt to repair regulator.
    8. Ensure all the connections are tight and leak free.
    9. Never remove the regulator unless the cylinder is closed/off and pressure has been released and the gauge reads zero. Failure to close the cylinder before removing the regulator will result in rapid de-pressurization of the cylinder and a fire could result.
    10. Do not use cleaning solution with oxygen equipment.
    11. Do not clean with aromatic hydrocarbons